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Victory Christian Academy (VCA) was born in 1998 out of a small group of parents and their desire for a God-honoring, bible-based education for their children. At that time, Victory Christian bore the name of Warren County Christian and didn’t yet have a home to call its own. Indianola Community Church housed Warren County Christian and its 17 students that year under the leadership of Sherry Fiscella. 

As the roots of Victory Christian Academy were planted, many changes and opportunities presented themselves.

In 2001 Dr. Carol Barker joined VCA as administrator. Her goal was to grow the school into a mature state. Over the next several years, VCA began to gain a reputation for not only being academically excellent, but also developing outstanding student character and spiritual growth.

Three years later, the school was steadily growing and needed a place to call its own. An existing church facility was available at the school’s current location of 805 N. 1st Street. Warren County Christian bought the building and changed its name to Victory Christian Academy. 

At the time of purchase, the property consisted of the church facility, a rectory and a garage. The rectory was rented as a private home for several years before it was sold in the spring of 2011. The garage came down that summer and a new storage shed was built. In 2012 a modular classroom was added to the property as well as a parking lot.

By this time, the student body flourished from 17 students in 1998 to 122 in 2013. Because of the increasing enrollment, Terry Gladfelter was added to VCA’s staff in 2010 to relieve the administrative duties for Dr. Barker.

In 2017 Dr. Sandra Dop became the administrator. Her goal has been to continue the maturing of the school through organization of both daily habits and the bylaw, policy, and board review and consistency.

Victory Christian Academy continues to enrich the lives of many students and their families. To us, VCA is not just a school. It’s a family. We work together; we play together, and we pray together. We share our joys and our burdens. We learn to love one another, forgive one another, serve one another, and walk humbly with our God. 

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