Annual Campaign

We asked around and even took a survey and it became pretty clear that people would just rather donate to causes they care about than purchase things like frozen cookie dough or wrapping paper so we are announcing our Second Annual Campaign.


This is not a contest because we are all in this together. But we do REALLY want to achieve our goals and the prizes that accompany them, but more importantly we what to be sure we reach all the matching challenges we have for the first time this year:

  • #1 up to $1,000 matched for staff gifts

  • #2 up to $3,000 matched for grandparent gifts

  • #3 up to $5,000 matched for alumni and alumni family gifts

  • #4 up to $10,000 matched for parents and all others

Last year we focused on a map of the United States and challenged the students to get as many states as possible.  They spent lots of time looking at the map and finding states so this year we have a map with Iowa counties. They will get a pajama day if they receive gifts from at least 50 counties—and they just might learn a few counties along the way. If they get all 99, we will pick another prize. 


Of course, there are other rewards for reaching our goal of $40,000 and also at amounts along the way.  Some of those involve ice cream and pizza and movie parties!!!  And if we blow it out the top and go above the goal to $50,000, we get all the rewards over again on the same day!


Please help us find donations from as many Iowa counties as possible while meeting the matching funds challenge.   Be sure to include your county, if you live in Iowa, and your challenge category for the matching gifts with your donation through PayPal ( or check mailed to VCA, 805 N. 1st Street, Indianola, Iowa 50125. 

Thank you for your prayers and your contribution to our Annual Campaign!


                                                                                                                                    - Students of VCA