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Physical Education Teacher

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Physical Education Teacher


Victory Christian Academy is a non-denominational, Christian school committed to providing an excellent Bible-based, Christ-centered, God-honoring education for 3-year-olds through 6th grade.


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Aiden H.

"My time at VCA set me apart from any other education in many ways. The christian education I received was instrumental in making me who I am today. A relationship with God was nurtured at a young age and has always stayed with me. VCA not only helped to give me a good foundation biblically, but also in my education which helped me to excel when it came to academics after graduation from VCA. Lastly were the friendships, that even to this day lead to great connections and conversations.

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Jenny B.

"The preschool teachers and staff at Victory care about each student and their individual needs. The small class size allows the teachers to challenge our son and recognize when he wants to learn more. Most importantly we love knowing Christ is not left out of his education."

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Wes B.

"I LOVE the smaller class size and teacher to student ratio that VCA has. It is heart-warming to hear your child say bedtime prayers for concerns they have heard from their fellow classmates."


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