Victory Christian Academy Building


"We have witnessed the Lord work in and through our children and family and we see VCA providing them with a solid foundation educationally and spirtually.  We appreciate the partnership we feel with each of their teachers.  It is amazing to be able to work through difficult times and rejoice in the successes with teachers and staff who love and pray for our children!  The VCA family has been a tremendous blessing to our lives."

Michelle H.
Indianola, IA

“One of the things I love most about Victory Christian Academy is building a relationship with each child.  I always look forward to the first day of school and getting to know them.  Another thing that I really love about Victory Christian Academy is the wonderful parents and the support that they give to me.  I pray that that they will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and will follow Him throughout their life.”

Mrs. Williams, 1st Grade

"I have been very impressed with the level of academics that VCA has provided for my children from a biblical and educational standpoint."

Wes R.
Indianola, IA

"It is wonderful seeing Christ work at VCA...miracles happen, children and families are changed, and Christ is accepted into lives."

Mrs. Rachel Weitzel, Pre-Academy

"We turned to VCA when Adam was heading into the 6th grade. It seemed the overwhelming number of students he would be a part of might very well allow him to get lost in the shuffle. So I LOVE the smaller class size and teacher to student ratio that VCA has. 

I immediately saw a distinct difference in the expectations for Anna, our youngest, then in pre-school, compared to what our middle child, Daniel had experienced. Not only were the curriculum and expectations much higher (and still easily meet by the class), the benefit of learning Bible verses and core Christian principles creates a priceless foundation for our children. I certainly regret not considering VCA for our children sooner in their educational process.

But we're here now and love the camaraderie of the students (and parents) throughout the school. The children learn about God’s word and world from teachers and staff that care and pray over them daily. It is heart-warming to hear your child say bedtime prayers for concerns they have heard from their fellow classmates."

Wes B.
Indianola, IA

"VCA is a great place to not only get top-notch education, but a wonderful place for our children to learn about God every day and learn to apply it to their lives in all circumstances."

Michelle D.
Indianola, IA

"I'm very impressed with our student body.  They have compassion for one another and so many students will go out of the way to help their friends."

Dr. Carol Barker, 6th-10th Grade

"The thing I most appreciate about VCA is the curriculum and the structure that the teachers provide each day. I rejoice in the number of scriptures Lia has memorized and the ways in which he sees her faith come alive everyday under the guidance and witness of the staff at VCA. I would welcome the opportunity to share with you his experiences and appreciation of the VCA experience."

Deke R.
Indianola, IA

"Having been blessed to be part of the VCA mission is not only an opportunity to teach theory and vocal methods but most importantly, to teach that we are called to "make a joyful noise" and raise our voices and hands in musical worship to our awesome GOD!

Mr. G, Music