Victory Christian Academy Building

Statement of Cooperation

Parents are asked to sign the following Statement of Cooperation when enrolling their children at VCA. Please note that the statements are written in first person recognizing single parent families and the unity of a two parent home. We pray this statement will assist you in educating your child, providing harmony and effective communication between the home and the school.

  • I agree to abide by all regulations of the school on my child's behalf.
  • I understand that attendance at VCA is a privilege and not a right and that the school reserves the authority to dismiss any student or family who does not conform to the regulations and cooperate with the spiritual mission of the institution.
  • I agree to support the academic standard of the school by encouraging and assisting my child to complete assignments and projects and study for tests.
  • I agree to cooperate with administration in order to compensate the school or individuals for any damage my child may cause either intentionally or accidentally, to school property or others' personal property.
  • If I become dissatisfied with the school in any respect, I will seek to resolve the matter with the person or persons directly involved rather than to harbor a negative attitude or to freely share criticism with others. If my concern cannot be resolved with the individual directly involved, I will prayerfully and calmly discuss the issue with school administration.
  • I absolve VCA from liability for accident, injury, or illness incurred by my child, on or off campus, for which the school and/or its representatives have taken reasonable precaution and care.
  • Since VCA cannot care for children who are ill, I agree to arrive promptly when contacted or to make other arrangements to have my child picked up if necessary.
  • In order to support the education process and program, and in order to be an encouragement to my children, I will make every effort possible to participate in the educational programs and activities of the school.    
  • I agree to promptly and appropriately reply to communications received from teachers, the school administrator, other school employees or members of the school board. 
  • This Statement of Cooperation is intended to foster an attitude of respect for the purpose and community of Victory Christian Academy.