Victory Christian Academy Building

Fall Campaign

Fall Campaign


Thank you for watching our VIDEO and considering our Fall Campaign.


Please help us meet the challenge of donations from all 50 states (share the video) by Thanksgiving Day 2019. If you send a donation through PayPal ( , or other electronic way, be sure to include your state in the note. The more states we get, the more fun rewards we all receive. (If you mail your check to VCA, 805 N. 1st Street, Indianola, Iowa 50125, we will have your state on the check.)


Of course, there are other rewards for reaching our goal of $30,000 and also at amounts along the way. Some of those involve ice cream and pizza and parties!!! All of which will be fun as long as they don't make us tell them what fraction of the pizza we want instead of how many pieces. (They can be tricky that way sometimes.)


This is not a contest because we are all in this together. But we do REALLY want to beat our administrator and secretary. They think they can get more states than all of us together. If we beat them, we get a pajama day, and they have to wear formal attire.


Thank you for your prayers and your contribution to our Fall Campaign—and for making Dr. Dop and Mrs. Rowe pull out all the stops to dress formally for a day at school—while we are in our comfy jammies. If they beat us, they also get to wear jammies—what fun is that?


Students of VCA