Victory Christian Academy Building

Academy (K-8)

Welcome to the Academy site of Victory Christian Academy.  Our course of study includes areas such as Bible, reading, math, English, spelling, health, safety, social studies, science, foreign language, handwriting, art, physical education, and music.  We use curriculums from ABEKA, Bob Jones University and Answers in Genesis.  

What We Offer At VCA:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Christ-Centered
  • Dedicated Educators
  • Strong and Supportive Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)
  • Secure Entry
  • Excellent Student-Teacher Ratio
  • Science and History Fair
  • Speech Meet
  • Spring Showcase (student art is on display) 
  • Learning Lab (time varies)
  • Christmas & Spring Music Program
  • Chromebooks for Each Student (6th-8th grade)
  • Dress Code 


Art & Music


Students will experience art activities in conjunction with classroom activities, as well as having an art class once a week. Art is also displayed inside and outside the classrooms throughout the year.  Students attend music class twice a week.


Students attend half-hour weekly chapel services on Monday mornings.  Chapel includes singing, scripture, and a creative biblical presentation by a member of the faculty, staff, area pastors or others that have been invited to participate by the administrator. Pre-Academy students join the Academy for Chapel the first Monday of the month. Parents are welcome to attend.

Physical Education

Students will participate in a planned physical education program on Mondays and Wednesdays. Health is also taught during PE time to 5th graders-Middle School. Students are also encouraged to participate in community Parks and Recreation activities or church-sponsored athletic events.
*Uniforms are required for grades 5th -8th.



VCA has begun its beginning phase of incorporating technology into the classrooms.  VCA has purchased Google Chromebooks for all staff and students in grades 6th-8th.  The students are able to research, communicate and submit assignments via Google programs.  

2018-2019 Academy School Year Enrollment Figures

Kindergarten 17
1st 10
2nd 15
3rd 9
4th 1
5th 9
6th 3
7th 4
8th 2
Total 69

Iowa Assessment Proficiency Totals for Spring of 2014

The following chart shows combined average data by class.  I am very pleased with that data and am encouraged by the hard work of our teachers and students.

Here are some abbreviations and what they mean

  • NSS – National Standard Score is a number based on an achievement continuum from elementary through high school 
  • NPR – National Percentile Rank describes the percent of students in the same grade who obtained a lower score
  • NGE – National Grade Equivalent describes student performance in terms of grade level and month

(Example:  we gave the test at the beginning of April so a 4th grade student would reflect a number of 4.7 – 4th grade seventh month since September.  Any number above 4.7 would be above the National Grade Equivalent.

Class (# students) English Total Math Total
1st Grade (11)    
  NPR of NSS 73 66
  NGE of NSS 2.3 2.1
2nd Grade (8)    
  NPR of NSS 86 87
  NGE of NSS 4.0 3.9
3rd Grade (7)    
  NPR of NSS 75 61
  NGE of NSS 4.7 4.2
4th Grade (8)    
  NPR of NSS 78 67
  NGE of NSS 6.3 5.5
5th Grade (2)    
  NPR of NSS 90 67
  NGE of NSS 9.0 6.8
6th Grade (4)    
  NPR of NSS 90 83
  NGE of NSS 10.8 9.6
8th Grade (2)    
  NPR of NSS 60 37
  NGE of NSS 9.9 7.7
9th Grade    
  NPR of NSS 99 72


Sandra Dop, Administrator

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”