Victory Christian Academy Building

2018-2019 Tuition and Registration

Investing in a Christian education is an important decision. To help you, we offer a personal, guided tour of our school during which all of your questions and concerns are individually addressed.  To schedule a tour please contact our main office at 515-962-1632.

VCA's Admission Requirements are as follows:

  • A student should be 3 years old on or before December 31 and potty trained for the 3-Year-Old Pre-Academy classes.
  • A student should be 4 years old on or before December 31 and potty trained for the 3-Day & 5-Day Pre-K classes.
  • A student should have enrolled in the 3-Year or 4-Year-Old class or be tested appropriately to be accepted into the 5-Day Pre-K class.
  • A student should be 5 years old on or before September 15 for our Kindergarten class.
  • A student should be 6 years old on or before September 15 for our First Grade class.
  • Completed registration application by March 15th (through student information system, Sycamore)
  • Paid registration fee by March 15th
  • Updated immunization record
  • Birth Certificate for student
  • Completion of any tests or assessments as required by the administrator or admissions committee
  • A signed Statement of Faith and a Statement of Cooperation concerning all school policies

*Victory Christian Academy must have the documentation listed above before a child can be placed on a class list.  

2019-2020 Pre-Academy and Pre-Kindergarten Tuition & Fees



Registration Fee
Due in full by March 15th
$25 Discount if paid by due date
March 15th
Book Fees

 Due in full by July 10th

$25 Discount if paid by due date July 10th

Annual Tuition 
Full Day
Full Day Option
Monthly Tuition
Full Day
(10 pymts)
Annual Tuition
Half Day 
Half Day 
Monthly Tuition
Half Day
(10 pymts)
(T, Th mornings)
3-Day Pre-Kindergarten 
(M, W, F mornings)







 5-Day Pre-    Kindergarten (M - F mornings)

$150 $175 $3,475 $1,737.50 $347.50 $1,900 $950 $190















*Accepted on a case-by-case basis


2019-2020 Kindergarten - 8th Grade


Registration Fee 
Due in full
by March 15th
($25 Discount if paid
before March 15)
Book Fee
Due in full
by July 10th
($25 Discount if paid
before July 10th)
Annual Tuition 
Monthly Tuition
(10 pmts)
Aug 5th - May 5th
All Day Kindergarten $225 $275 $3,900 $1,950 $390
1st-8th $225 $325 $4,500 $2,250 $450
6th-8th (Dual enrolled) $225 $325 $3,350 $1,675 $335


Before and After School Care

     Before School Care Hours:    6:45am –-7:45am                              
     After School Care Hours:       3:30pm –- 5:30pm                       
                             FEE: $6.00/hour (any portion of an hour charged as an hour.)

Transfer Students

When transferring into VCA, please sign a release of your child’s student records at your current school.
       * A placement exam may be administered

Part-Time Students

     Per Class                              $7/Per Class

Iowa Assessment Testing Students

     Per Student                           $50/Per Student

*Deadline to register for the Iowa Assessments is March 11th.

Tuition Payment Information

Victory Christian Academy provides two options for Registration Fees:
  • Due in full by March 15th
  • $25 discount if paid by due date
  • Registration fees are per student, per year and are non-refundable/non-transferable
Victory Christian Academy Book Fees:
  • DIscount if paid by July 10th
  • Due in full by August 1st of the academic year
  • Book fees are per student, per year and ar non-refundable/non-transferable
Victory Christian Academy provides three options to pay for tuition:
  • Payment in full by September 5th
  • Two semester payments, due by August 5th and January 5th
  • 10 monthly payments by cash, money order, or personal check (first payment due August 5th)

Please remember that VCA counts on your full-year commitment when we hire teachers and place other students on a waiting list.  To remove your child part-way through the year for any reason, except for moving out of the area, is strongly discouraged.  Registration and book fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Please prayerfully consider your commitment to sending your child all year to VCA.


Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”